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General Information

The Research Center for the Study of Modern Greek History of the Academy of Athens has digitized the following archives

  • Ioannis Kolettis Papers (1773 or 1774-1847): Correspondence, public and private documents, 1788-1845 (161 files), on loan from the Baron Michael Tositsas Foundation.   
  • Dionysios Solomos Papers (1798-1857):
    i. Autographs and copies of works, letters etc. - 1880 ci.
    ii. Collection of documents belonging to Solomos and his family, pertaining to the litigation for his parental property, 1799-1877.

The two Research Centers have also digitized the following collections of printed books:

  • Books by Konstantinos Oikonomos and books related to him
  • The following volumes of the early Greek Government Gazette: "General Gazette" (1825-1832), "National Gazette" (1832-1833) and "Government Gazette" (1833-1867).

The project was funded through the Operational Program "Information Society 2000-2006", Priority Area: 1 Education and Culture, Measure: 1.3, Call 65.

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