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General Information

The Center of Research for Medieval and Modern Hellenism of the Academy of Athens has digitized the following archives:
  • Correspondence of Konstantinos Oikonomos of Oikonomoi (1780-1857) of the years 1835-1850.
  • Manuscript codices from the Archive of Xenophon Sideridis (1851-1929).
  • Manuscript codex "Miscellaneous letters" by Ioannis Oikonomou Larissaios (end 18th - early 19th century)
  • Three rare publications with revolutionary songs by Rigas Velestinlis ("Battle Song", "Patriotic Hymn") and the "Eulogistic Hymn" to Buonaparte by Christophoros Perraivos (Corfu 1798).

The two Research Centers have also digitized the following collections of publications:

  • Books by Konstantinos Oikonomos and books related to him
  • The following volumes of the early Greek Government Gazette: "General Gazette" (1825-1832), "National Gazette" (1832-1833) and "Government Gazette" (1833-1867).

The project was funded through the Operational Program "Information Society 2000-2006", Priority Area: 1 Education and Culture, Measure: 1.3, Call 65.

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